Friday, January 30, 2009

A Thoughtful Friend Writes...

How many times have you heard that word or in your case said it?
It is one that has caused me to shut down and quit listening,
didn't apply to me. The whole idea of sin + repentence has always
felt at best of secondary importance. the two great commandments
are more than enough for me. But, maybe a week or so ago the
Word/word came into my head (repent) and it's definition of
turning away from a path finally and simply seemed to say turn
away from those self destructive ways, I'm not trying to turn you
into something "holy" I just want you to be whole. Never mind
about what is seen on the outside by others it's your insides that
matter and those things that you do to find comfort are hurting
you. Give 'em up. Never mind about sin, those are just words Love
you neighbor as your SELF.