Monday, April 04, 2016

penultimate challenge

Our second last challenge from Colossians is to do everything, in word or deed, in the name of the Lord Jesus.   Everything?   Really?   Those who are often dropping the name of the Lord Jesus everywhere seem to do more harm than good to the name!  But in view of all that has gone before, in view of the community we're part of, there's a deep challenge here:  what we do and say can point to Jesus, even without our using his name.   If our lives point to Jesus, or are sourced by his example, it'll show without words.
I suspect that the author of the letter to the Colossians was also aware of the culture that considered Caesar as "Lord", so to be, to do, to speak as if Jesus were Lord could be quite counter-cultural, maybe even dangerous.   When I was going through the ordination process, one question we had to answer was "What does it mean to say 'Jesus is Lord?'"  I heard of one candidate whose answer was the shortest ever received:  to say Jesus is Lord is to say I am not.
 In what ways do I show who or what is Lord in my life?

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